June 10, 2009

Swings are for Swinging

Today I took our nephews, Owen and Seth to visit their Uncle Garrett for his lunch break. This is probably the third or fourth time that we have done this since we have been married, so it is always just a fun treat for the boys and my cute hubby. We usually drive out and pick up some Happy Meals at McDonald's then head to the park near Garrett's office. It is the perfect park for little ones and no one is usually there. Today was Seth's first time joining us, as it used to be Tyson and Owen when they were the younger ones (but now Ty is in 1st grade!).

The boys are so stinkin fun to be with and we love it. More than anything though I just love watching Garrett with them. He is a natural at just having fun and the boys LOVE him. They just ask for him the whole trip there -- priceless. On the way home I decided to stop and get some Golden Spoon since Ty would be home from school and I didnt want him to feel left out. It was, as usual, delicious. Seth surprised me and couldnt wait to ask for "gummie bears" on top of his chocolate ice cream... it was an exciting thing for him, you could tell. You have to watch the slideshow below of the few photos we took... even if it is just to see Seth's ice cream face at the end! Enjoy!


Tim said...

So cool!! Owen loved to tell me about Garrett swinging in the swing. Thanks for taking the boys Amy. They had a blast.

Leslie said...

great photos. sweaters, jackets????? where are you? It is in the 90s here in Florida. i envy you. too cute, my word verification is uncli. funny after looking at photos of an uncle.

Amy Schultz said...

Hey Leslie!

We are in Southern Cali and it is VERY odd weather right now. It was in the low 70s that day and has been cloudy for about a week now... just waiting for our sunshine to come back. Funny, May was BLAZING hot in the hundreds and now we are into June Gloom :) We are enjoying it while we can (though I have to say, I miss my sunshine!!!)

Christina the Sassy Scrapper :) said...

That's totally something those lil ones are gonna remember for their whole lives! So cute and sweet!


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