January 30, 2009

A Friendly Reunion!

My friend Amanda came to visit from good 'ol Oregon and it was really a great night! It felt like we reverted back to the old days when we all were just so close and together all the time. Lots of great memories with each of those girls, who I have been friends with since high school!

That is almost 10 years of friendship! We all were in each other's weddings and a great support to each other; no matter how far we may move or how much our lives changed after marriage, put us together and we have a blast!

January 28, 2009

The Goal of the Blog

I finally feel like I can keep up with a blog. Many of you know I have tried before, but hopefully this year will be a different story. My goal is not to blog every day, but hopefully every week (baby steps, right?). I am even going to set an alarm each week so that I am sure to get on here and blog. A few things that I want to blog on, for memories sake as well as to share what Garrett and I are up to, are these:

-- My scrapbooking projects!
-- Our walk with God and service/ ministry here on earth!
-- Awesome Recipes that I have tried!
-- Family Photos!

Who knows what else will end up on here, maybe some emotions, praises, dreams, goals, prayer requests, etc.

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