May 11, 2009

Why I love Southern California!

We had a weekend full of sunshine for all of our Mother's Day plans, it was such a blessing!

Saturday we started the day off by cheering on our nephew, Tyson, at his baseball game and then our whole family took off to the Ventura Pier for a lunch by the beach. Though it was a bit overcast when we got there, by the time we starting walking up the pier and around the beach, the skies cleared and the sun was shining! It felt amazingly good to have the sun's warmth on my skin. We ended the day at Golden Spoon for some yummy frozen yogurt :)

Sunday we drove out to the San Diego area to Garrett's Nana's home. It was nice to get to see both of his Grandma's and mom to celebrate. Lisa prepared a delicious brunch as usual and we all just got to spend some time together. The sun was shining and Garrett, his sister Holly and I got to take a small walk around the neighborhood. It is a beautiful area and we even were able to observe a snake crossing the road! It was creepy but they are pretty majestic creatures, if I dont say so myself! The flowers were gleaming in the sunshine, it was perfect!

We have so many photos from this weekend that I decided to place em into a Slideshow... so stick around and enjoy the show :)


Tim Plaster said...

Cool!! So much fun Amy! Thanks for planning it. I owe you $100 - $60/necklace and $40/lunch. I haven't forgot!! Thanks again Amy.


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