May 25, 2009

Feeding Giraffes!

Today I got to do something that I have always dreamt of doing! (Dont laugh at me!) I GOT TO FEED THE GIRAFFES!

My loving husband took me to the Santa Barbara Zoo to feed the giraffes and it was so wonderful! If you haven't guessed by my excitement, my favorite animal is the Giraffe. Such magnificent creatures and so sweet too! They have such long tongues that are pretty scratchy too! But it was so amazing to feel like I was his friend for awhile :)

When I asked Garrett what his favorite part of the day was (yes, I know, such a mom kind of question!!), he simply replied "watching you with the giraffes." I am so blessed to have a hubby that really enjoys seeing me happy. It was a good day. All of the other animals were just beautiful and then we went to the Wharf for dinner to end our fun day. Hope you enjoy the photos!


Leslie said...

How sweet. I agree Giraffes are beautiful creatures. You must love all the giraffe stamps that we have at CTMH. The newest one from It's a Zoo is darling. I have used him several times.


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