February 27, 2009

Scrap Product Review: Glue Glider Pro by Glue Arts

GIRLS! You have to grab one of these, asap! I have been looking for an adhesive that not only works well but also last me a little bit longer. As I have been searching I have found some that are quite expensive and so I waited... SO glad that I did, because now I have the new Glue Glider Pro and I love it! Here is a photo of it with one of my latest projects (a binder to keep all of my bible study papers and prayer requests). I also included the super easy to remove and install refill cartridge for you to see :) More of the review and the best place to purchase is below!

Here is the Product description given by the company:

"Our new Glue Glider Pro allows you to apply a neat ¼” strip of adhesive exactly where you want it. The easy glide-on dispensing action, allows you to apply a small controlled amount or a continuous line of the best performing and most permanent adhesive ever offered. Our easy slip-in, disposable cartridges eliminate the worry of having to reload in the middle of a project. No mess, no fuss."

I can not argue anything in that description... all is true.

Other things to note:
--There are three different types of adhesives you can use with the Glue Glider Pro... I have tried them all and personally love the PermaTac & Repositional the best right now. It seems to hold the best (but beware! its not easy to fix mistakes -- so place lightly at first!)
-- It is larger than what we are used to but it feels very comfortable and has a great grip.
-- the colors are cute... perfect for cute scrappers!
-- Each adhesive comes with a different length (Perma Tac is 40 ft. , Repositional is 65 ft and High Tac is 40ft)
-- To remove or install a refill cartridge simply pull it out straight out or slide it straight in and start scrappin! SO EASY!

I got a great deal... so I thought I should share where you can get this great deal too! Here is the link that will take you directly to the order site. If you scroll all the way down you will see the "Introductory Bundle Package" which gives you the Glue Glider Pro that comes with a Perma Tac insert and one each of the different refills so that you can decide which works best for you! 20% OFF, Yay!


It only took one week to get to me, so that was a huge plus as well :) If you get one, please let me know what you think :) I guarantee you will love yours!


Vanessa Middleton said...

I bought one of these several months ago and LOVE it too! I had an issue with the adhesive getting stuck and not winding properly but I bought a new refill and tried to fix the other one. It is super comfy to use and it is so cute, isn't it?


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